Quality Services

Financial Planning

Budget Friendly

Mortgage Advisor


Our Mission

Our mission is to merge ground-breaking ideas with technology to provide innovative and professional business solutions in accounting,finance, banking and arbitration.

Our Vision

To build a company competing at the world stage in the financial sector.


What we bring to you

Reconciliation and Recovery of Excess Bank Charge

We specializes in recovery of excess bank charges; using extensive knowledge of the regulatory authorities’ guidelines and indigenous developed software.

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Financial Advisory

The Company assists its clients in project idea conception, formulation, execution and reorganization of existing projects into investment-worthy ventures to be financed directly by banks, international institutional investors and angel investors.

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Capital Restructuring, mergers & Re-organisation

We assist our corporate clients in constantly apprising themselves of the best ways to use their available capitals and reorganize these capital structures to help such clients through all the stages of Merger beginning.

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Research Activities

To complement all its services, the Company embarks on and sustains serious Research activities to produce adequate and timely information for the use of its institutional and
Individual clients.

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Receivership Development

Senior members of this Company are available for appointment as Receiver-Managers, Liquidators and/or Directors, for Turnaround Management to help our client companies through difficult times.

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Banking Relationship Management

We assist clients negotiate terms on loans and request concession for repayment of loans going bad.,we ensure our clients pay the least obtainable rates.

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Our training Exercise is designed for finance staff of your organization to be able to calculate, ascertain and recover excess bank changes when they exist. It will also provide he essential foundation for creating an awareness among your employees that will enhance their willingness and ability to understand and support the company in this regard.

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Sale & installation of banker software

In partnership with our partners one of which is MCL solutions limited  we offer sale , installation and maintainance of bank reconciliation software. We also follow through with training to ensure efficient use of these and other softwares.

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achievements & statistics

Over 10+ years of operation


255 clients in the world


Over 100 projects have finished


20+ experts & partners are working

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